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A day in the life…

04 Oct, 2022 |
As a Technical Support Engineer at Norbar Torque Tools it’s my job to be the face of Norbar. This includes specifying the correct tool for a particular task, product demonstrations, looking at difficult applications and liaising with the special projects team to come up with a bespoke solution. As well as training on the correct usage of a tool, that could be anything from a torque wrench, powered torque multiplier to a torque wrench calibrator.
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31 years of service is not extraordinary by Norbar standards; in the last twelve months two staff with over 50 years each have retired. But, even looking back on my relatively modest 31 years it is astonishing how much has changed.
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‘Earn while you learn’

21 Feb, 2022 |
In National Apprenticeship Week we ran for the second time our virtual apprenticeship information evenings.
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Review of 2021

12 Jan, 2022 |
My review of 2020 reflected that 2020 had been the most extraordinary year that I could recall – surely 2021 would be better with Covid receding and the world getting back to normal?
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A Day in the life

10 Nov, 2021 |
I wanted to apply to Norbar because upon reading into Norbar I was extremely impressed by the high level of quality, precision, and pride they take with every single tool or component produced. I also wanted to apply to Norbar because every employee or apprentice that I had spoken to did not have a bad word to say about the company. As well as this I had heard that the apprenticeship scheme was fantastic and ensured that apprentices get complete support throughout their 4 years and continue to s...
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Well, for so many it has been 15 months or more since they last went to an actual event and saw visitors and exhibitors alike, face to face.Individuals and companies will have had a wide range of feelings and thoughts about going. We certainly flittered between being keen and being anxious. Particularly the latter when we heard on the grapevine that Network Rail - a major exhibitor, supporter, source of visitors, not to mention a lynch pin in the industry, were not going to be there. We were ple...
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Virtual Success

16 Feb, 2021 |
Due to the current climate last week, we took a fresh approach to our annual careers evening.We held 3 virtual evenings where we held 20 minute telephone calls offering advice and guidance to prospective apprentices. We were very encouraged by the numbers of people who took up the opportunity.Due to the quality of candidates that made the time and effort, we have every confidence that we will be able to successfully recruit 2 apprentices, who will join us in the summer.
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Banbury-based tools manufacturer Norbar Torque Tools Ltd is hosting a series of virtual careers evenings in February for young people looking to start a career in engineering and manufacturing.While Covid-19 prevents an in-person event, the company intends to demonstrate the career opportunities available virtually. The open evenings will be taking place on the 9, 10, and 11 February and attendees will be able to books slots between 6pm and 9pm to be able to discuss the structure and job roles v...
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Review of 2020

08 Jan, 2021 |
In my thirty years at Norbar, 2020 has undoubtedly been the most extraordinary.  Our year has been shaped by Covid-19 so inevitably it is going to crop up extensively in this review.  However, I will try not to make my review entirely about Covid-19!
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Careers Evening 2020

18 Feb, 2020 |
On Thursday 6th February we held our annual Careers Open Evening.Whilst a little disappointing in numbers compared with previous years, the quality of young people and enquiries were very good.  Andy, our new MD, was impressed by what we do.As always the presentations were excellent, so thank you to those involved and again we had lots of positive feedback from those who had not visited us before.We had a number of comments from parents who are amazed at what we do and if nothing else ...
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