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The Power of the Brand

05 Nov, 2019 | Return|

We at Norbar all understand what it is we are part of, however, how we are perceived by the outside world is so often blurred by the bubble we exist in.

As someone working in the full view of the general public, I believe that it is important to be seen as part on the Norbar family and therefore I am proud to wear branded clothing.

On two occasions recently I have been stopped by members of the public who, recognising the Norbar name, told me of their experiences.

The first was an elderly gentleman, who openly admitted to being 85 years old, who was a supplier to Norbar.

After our initial chat about how old the company is, how we remain loyal to Britain and Banbury, his story went like this: -

“I would visit many departments at Norbar in Banbury and always had a warm welcome, whether it was from reception, my host or anyone I was fortunate to meet on my visit. I always left with the impression that it was a good place to work and that everyone was happy and working for the common good.”

The second person to stop me was whilst I was visiting a customer’s site.

I was asked “are you the Norbar guy for this area”? Again, a similar story about being a true British success story still manufacturing in the UK.

This story is slightly different. “Back in 1986 I lent my Norbar torque wrench to a friend to do some work on his car. When the friend returned it, he apologised that it was broken and offered to pay for a new one. I returned the tool to Norbar for repair.”

The wrench was returned with a note saying that it had been repaired and calibrated free of charge and light hearted advice not to lend it to anyone again 😊. He is still using the wrench more than 30 years later.

He went on to tell me that he has the greatest respect for Norbar, our tools are top quality and will not use anyone else. “As the quality manager at this company I will not accept anything other than Norbar.”